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eBay after the bell 10-11-06: Trying to pacify sellers?
Posted 2006-10-12 By : cialis soft buy on line
It seems that eBay is trying to stay away from the headlines these days, happy to leave the brunt of the post Google-YouTube deal reaction to other companies, especially Yahoo!

Has eBay been up to anything these days? Why, of course. In an attempt to perhaps pacify somewhat those disgruntled merchants who were hit by the recent rate hike, or perhaps an attempt to simply boost listings, eBay is offering a Feature Packs promotion. For the next two days, sellers can save 33% when on Feature Packs that combine several listing upgrades.

The promotion started today at midnight, Pacific time, and will end Thursday, October 12, 2006 at one second to midnight PT. Even listings created before today and that are scheduled to start during the promotional period are eligible for the promotional rate.

Finally, an update on the latest auction I've been following, the Skycar, the price now stands at $1,753,150.00 with 31 bids.

ebay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) shares declined 48 cents today, or 1.62% to close at $29.10.
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