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Yahoo! after the bell 10-11-06: Patient or late in the game?
Posted 2006-10-12 By : cialis soft buy on line
It is interesting how a deal between two companies focused everybody's attention on a third. Yes, I am talking about the Google-YouTube deal that somehow put Yahoo! in the spotlight. Everybody's talking about Yahoo!.

I've said it twice already, Yahoo! is smart to be patient and not jump into any deals. However, this New York Times article [subscription required], suggests Yahoo! isn't patient, but rather late in the game.

While addressing most of the concerns my colleagues and I have mentioned from Yahoo!'s delayed advertising platform (Panama) to the risk of overpaying for Facebook, the article also points out a few serious problems with the company and management team. Not being able to close deals while being plagued with internal squabbling and bureaucracy doesn't spell good things for Yahoo!

Something definitely needs to be changed and improved. More focus, more punch, and more action.
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